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About The Trainer

K-9 Kontrol - Brandy

K-9 Kontrol began over 40 years ago with a Shetland sheepdog named Woodlands Brandon, nicknamed “Brandy”. Brandy’s unbelievable intelligence and enthusiasm captured the heart of Linda Weniger, and led the two into the world of obedience training for the show ring. After training Brandy in basic obedience, Linda trained under several instructors and after assisting with their classes she soon began her own training program. Here, she gave instructions to others eager to learn how to work with their pets. She realized early that not everyone wanted a “show dog”, but more so a well-mannered household pet that could co-exist with the family. She also realized that for the training experience to succeed, training had to be FUN for both the owner and the pet.

Linda currently owns a white German shepherd named “Kiki”, who holds her Canine Good Citizen certificate as well as her AKC Companion Dog (CD) title. Agility training is the next activity to be tackled, as well as work in the rewarding field of therapy. Kiki is a very eager, motivated, hard working dog that reminds Linda of the drive and love Brandy displayed so many years ago. “Most people only get one dog in a life time that loves obedience work and does it so well. I am blessed to have a second dog that displays that love and eagerness to please.”

Linda Weniger has been an all breed obedience instructor for over 40 years. She has trained across Texas in places such as Bryan, College Station, Ft. Worth, Bay City and San Antonio. She currently trains in the San Antonio area, teaching group classes for the continuing education programs run by Northeast ISD, Judson ISD and New Braunfels ISD as well as her own private training. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Delta Society and Responsible Pet Owners Association. Linda is a retired school teacher of 30 years. She holds a Masters degree in Educational Administration and a Bachelors degree in Education. As an educator she understands and recognizes what it takes to instruct people in the training of their pets. She also understands the need to continue her own education and remain current on training styles as well as all methods of obedience instruction.