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This is the little guy I found along side the highway 2 ½ years ago, and while I wasn’t really a dog person, I was so afraid he might be killed by an oncoming car, I scooped him up and brought him home. When you’ve never had a dog, a two month old puppy can be more than trying, so my daughter called many shelters and the pound to try and find an opening so we could let someone else deal with the problems. But a week later when my daughter said the pound will take him, I thought what if they kill this sweet little guy, who hasn’t even been given a chance, so crying I looked online and find Linda, I needed help, I didn’t even know where to begin with the simplest things like potty training. Linda came to my home, and gave us the tools we needed–I can say with Linda’s help, we both got a new lease on life. I am a dog person, I love my Otis, so don’t give up, just call PETeach01 and Linda will show you it’s a lot easier than you think to have a healthy happy dog.

Donna Davis (Otis)

Thanks for training my dog. She understands me a lot better now. I loved coming to your class and showing off. I hope to see you again soon.

Pat (JD)

Our dog, The Colonel, takes typical “hound dog stubbornness” to new levels. Along with that stubbornness, he never learned bite inhibition, and thus was unsafe to have around our two cats as well as little kids.

This all changed when Linda came out to our house. After listening attentively to all of the correction methods we had tried in the past, she had all new suggestions and methods to try. By the time she left The Colonel walked more politely on a leash AND he was finally safe to have in the same room as our cats. It was so wonderful!

Teresa (The Colonel)

Linda was fastastic with Charlie! She gave him a good foundation so it would be much easier to continue his training as he grows… We didn’t think the training would help much since he was only 3 months old but she worked wonders and in no time he was responding to the commands he was taught. Thanks Linda!!!

Laura and Roy (Outlaw Charlie Brown)

Dory says…”A great teacher…I learned so much while being loved at the same time. Now I go and stay with Linda whenever my parents are out of town, she’s the best!

Kaye (Dory)

My dogs are ALL the way from CALIFORNIA!!! They did the 2 week drop off program during Xmas. These dogs were littermates and inseparable. However, they both learned their basic commands individually. With the use of a special splitter lead they then got trained as a “unit”. It looked like synchronized swimmers! They gained confidence in themselves and did an excellent job.

Donna (Zeke & Elaena)

Donner and I went to Petsmart yesterday to practice what Linda had taught us and he did soo well. It was weird not having the most out of control dog there. He looked at the cats and didn’t make a sound! He stayed right next to me the whole time, no leash pulling at all! I was thrilled! Each day we make a little improvement and I really appreciate you showing me the right way. We also started riding bikes. Donner runs next to me and the increased exercise for him is making a world of difference. I learned so much from you in just one visit! Thanks again.

Kathy (Donner)

My Lab Clarice was 15 months old and out of control when I brought her to Linda. She was like a belligerent child and would try to get away with whatever she could. Clarice would jump up on people constantly and was impossible to walk on a leash. She would not sleep through the night, and would wake me up at 2 or 3am barking constantly until I let her out of her crate. Never having owned a dog in my adult life, I had no idea how to properly train Clarice or how to correct her bad behaviors. I had always heard that Labs want very much to please their owners. However, I think Clarice believed that my sole purpose in life was to please her!

I enrolled Clarice in Linda’s in-home training for two weeks. During that time, I kept in contact with Linda on Clarice’s progress. I was absolutely amazed at how Linda was able to teach Clarice the “heel” command (to walk calmly beside her), the “stay” command, and even got her to sleep through the night – in just two weeks! Linda also showed me how to stop Clarice from jumping up on people. I followed-up Clarice’s training by participating in Linda’s group classes. It was very helpful for both Clarice and me to work on basic commands in an environment with other dogs and distractions.

I highly recommend K9 Kontrol to anyone who is at their wit’s end with their dog. Linda has many years of experience training dogs of all breeds, temperaments, sizes, and ages. I have complete trust in her expertise and training methods.

Trust me — there is hope for your dog! Her name is Linda Weniger!

Cathie (Clarice)

We’ve worked with trainers in the past, but none of the trainers compare to Linda. Her patience and knowledge have made the entire training process so easy. It doesn’t feel like such a task. We have two labs, Zeke and Zoey, who are about 9 and 6 months and can be a handful. They knew very little commands before we started working with Linda. As Linda worked with us her instructions were very clear and easy to understand. It was amazing to see how well she handled our dogs the first day she trained us. The first week by ourselves was such a cinch. The commands taught by Linda were easy to remember and most of all, they worked! Zeke and Zoey have made wonderful improvements. Linda is a great resource and asset to anyone who wants to train their pets. Thank you Linda for your time and hard work.

Tamara (Zeke & Zoe)

Linda is like the “Dog Whisperer!” She has an incredibly intuitive sense about the ways dogs act and behave. We worked with her on a one-on-one session with our 3 1/2 month old puppy, and it was amazing the changes we saw in him after just one session. Her training suggestions are rooted in common sense and an extreme love of dogs. We learned more in that one hour with Linda than we ever learned in 8 weeks of training classes with other dogs we’ve had in the past. We think she’s wonderful. Molly and Chuck

Chuck & Molly (Jackson)

Chloe and I would like to let everyone know how great Linda and her obedience classes are. Chloe is a rescue dog; because of her behavior her previous owner was going to have her put down when my sister intervened. We adopted her and went to work trying to change her attitude toward people (wish we’d known about Linda when we first got Chloe). It turned out Chloe’s problem was fear, which manifested itself as barking and nipping. After a year of love she was much better, but she still had problems outside our home. Linda’s classes are not only great for obedience training, but were a tremendous help in her adjustment to people and dogs she did not know. She gave us a controlled arena where Chloe could learn without my fear of someone getting too close too fast. It is very apparent that Linda loves and understands dogs. I love her teaching methods and training suggestions and would recommend her classes to anyone with a problem pet or to improve and strengthen your relationship with your best friend.

Kathleen (Chloe)

Linda’s classes are great! She made the training understandable and fun for both of us and Ringer and I both looked forward to our weekly class. Linda has an obvious love and understanding of dogs, and she has great training tips to help your best friend live in harmony in your home. Ringer and I continue to train and it is gratifying(for both of us) to see his great exuberance channeled into what he has learned. I plan on attending Linda’s next class with Chloe.

Kathleen (Ringer)

Linda came to our home and taught us what to do with our head strong boy. He is a lovely dog but so stubborn. He would get into everything, jump on everyone and had NO manners. Linda taught us several tricks to stop these obnoxious behaviors and now people want to visit our home. This was so helpful and so easy since Linda came to us. Buddy does not travel well and there was no way to get him to a training facility. Thanks so much!

Karen & John (Buddy)

We were having so much trouble with small behavior issues. Linda was able to not only get her basics but she came back with no behavior issues anymore. I’m so glad we found the help we needed in such a loving atmosphere. It was hard to send our dog off for 3 weeks, but knowing she was the ONLY dog Linda would be training at her home made us so relieved. It is so nice knowing she was not kept in kennels but in an environment like her own home. Linda spends so much time with the dog in getting them trained right. I’m so happy with the results!!!!!

Kara (Kallie)

This was the best training for my dog. I had little time to spend to do the basics. Once Conner had learned these commands it made it so much easier for me to follow thru at home. Now my dog is fun to be around and live with.

John (Conner)

Noel was a handful of joy and energy. I could not have handled this “dotted dog” without the help of Linda. She showed up on my doorstep one day. No one claimed her for weeks so I kept her. Due to my limited capabilities I was not able to walk her or do much of anything with Noel. She tore everything up since she was still so young. Linda taught me as well as Noel how to coexist with each other. I was able to provide Noel a good home and she provided me with companionship. Thanks so much Linda for all of your time, love and patience with both of us.

Marion (Noel)

What a blessing!!! I’m so glad I found Linda and her drop off program. A NEW dog came back home to me. She was terrific. Due to my job I did not have the time to devote to the basic training. It made it so much easier to just continue what Ginger had learned at Linda’s. I just had to follow through with her commands and she has done a wonderful job. Everything she learned at Linda’s she does for me now! This was the best program for me.

Shawni (Ginger)

Georgie was a challenge but we did great with Linda’s help! She is very patient and easy to work with. She trained me on how to handle Georgie. She did a wonderful job and we both thoroughly enjoyed our lessons.

Debbie (Georgie)

Linda’s class was great for training me. My black lab, Kattie, is very smart, but her owner needed to be trained on how to get the best out of her. I learned positive ways to get Kattie to do things on command, and the positive way to disciple her on bad behaviors, afterall she was only 5 months old when we started this training session. Anyone can have a dog, but a responsible owner will learn how to make your dog part of your family and a friend for life.

Penni (Kattie)

Dapple, my Blue Heeler/Lab mix was born in a shelter. Not surprisingly, he had socialization problems with strangers – humans and dogs. Since he and I are training for United Kennel Club Obedience Titles, his fear aggression presented problems. With Linda’s patience and expert help, I have finally been able to compete with him in the obedience ring. We look forward to upcoming trials – and will keep recycling through Linda’s classes, the perfect venue to work on socialization and attention — as long as Linda will have us!

Pia (Dapple)

I am very proud of Lacey’s accomplishments. Lacey was beyond exceptional. Lacey earned three titles in six weeks (One Obedience and Two Agility Titles), but these titles almost didn’t happen at all. The training style I initially used with Lacey was a terrible choice, a hasty decision made early in her training career that left many scars on her. She has yet to fully recover from those scars. Lacey had lost her trust in me.

Trying to recover from this early disaster, I made a quick, but wise, decision. I began training Lacey at home ….. alone. I cross-trained and retrained Lacey. Training Lacey at home brought me full circle in training styles, returning me to my training roots and giving Lacey the training foundation as I had done in the past with all of my dogs. We trained and played agility and obedience games with no pressure. This technique followed the training philosophy of a dear friend.. Linda Weniger. Using this technique, I FINALLY succeeded in earning Lacey’s trust once more………although Lacey still has a fear that is silent and remains unspoken.

I would like to take the time to acknowledge and say THANK YOU to that dear friend of many years. Linda was the FIRST and ONLY basic obedience instructor I ever had back in 1985. From Linda’s first and only basic instruction came…..OTCH MUFFIE U-CD. Through the years, Linda has been my dog training “Mentor”, and has provided my roots for a very successful dog training philosophy. Recently Linda began offering dog training classes again, hoping to spark that caring and nurturing training style in other bright and promising owners and students.

Mary (Lacey)